Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Friday, March 24, 2017

To Villanueva del Campean

Happy anniversary to us. I'm thankful for every one of those 9862 days. Awuvoo.

The first half of today's walk is one of the worst. It is next to a busy expressway, past a prison, and invloves annoying detours. The second half is beautiful, through farm country with nice vistas.

I am in this sort of "middle of the Camino" zone, where each day seems the same. The beginning is too long ago to talk about, and the end is not in sight. It's walk, eat, sleep, walk, eat, sleep....

I'm not complaining. A long Camino is a type of endurance test. In anything like a marathon or long swim race, there is this middle period where your focus is right in front of you and you just have to keep going. I think about folks I know who find themselves in difficult circumstances in life, where patience and perseverance is required. It must feel similar.

I am feeling very strong, quite amazed how 'easy' the 26 km felt today. Although the blister on my left heal doesn't want to die.

Things I've left behind: 1 - t-shirt  1 - small pocket knife  1 - underwear briefs. All by accident. Two days ago someone rearranged the clothes on the drying rack, and I missed my underwear when I grabbed my stuff. Can I get by with one set of boxers and one briefs?

Weather: Low about 40, High about 48, but snow flurries off and on all day. Of course, none of it stuck.
Distance: A seemingly quick 26 km.

Just a few pictures for today. The prison, the path next to the highway, the farm country, and my boots at just past 500 km.


  1. Yes, that middle part is just hard. Especially when the topography is less than lovely. The only way to do it is to go through it. Put it behind you. You're doing a good job of that. Buen Camino.