Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Friday, March 10, 2017

To Aljucen

Another quick post. Too tired to give much detail. The big event was meeting a bicyclist, Joe, who lives in Missoula, Montana.  He's come from Granada on his bike, and will probably run off and leave the walkers. I also caught up with a couple from Scotland, so between Joe and the other folks we had a good evening of speaking english!

Meditation: Peace
Weather: Low: 48F High 84F probably hottest day of Camino in Spain for me.
Distance: 32 km
Route tips: Repeating last years warning about the turnoff about 2.5 km after the lake today. It seems to me it is VERY poorly marked. Once you leave the lake, there is a wire fence on your left for over 2 km. After the fence ends, continue on the road for 300 meters, then turn north onto a dirt path. Don't continue east on the asphalt.
Albergue and town: I skipped the sight-seeing in Merida this year, but it is a great city with an amazing history. The albergue in Carrescalejo was totally locked with no number posted to call. The Rio Aljucen Albergue in Aljucen is really the best you will ever see.

A variation on the sunrise, with a massive amount of pollution pouring into the morning sky.
Interesting petspective, with a Roman era brige closer and the modern one a few hundred yards down river.
Thousands of tadpoles lined the border of this huge "puddle" along the path.
I met a worker at the lake, and he was eager to make sure I was enjoying Spain. He took my picture.
The first arrow we saw last year on our trek.


  1. Enjoying the Camino vicariously (again) thanks to your postings Mike. I hope your blister is healed and you awake refreshed after your 19+ mile walk today. [WOW] Blessings to you and your fellow travelers!

  2. Glad your rain has ended. I'm loving your reports. Sounds like you're feeling very much "at home".

  3. Was the Missoula gentleman a native?

    1. He's lived there 30 years, I'll get you his name in another media. Love you too!