Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

To Salamanca

The walk into Salamanca is a very nice entrance into a big city. It really seems quite amazing that just an hour or so before standing next to the cathedral the way is through forest transitioning to wheat fields.

I have several pictures to include, so I'll cut the script short.

Weather: Low 39F High about 50F with showers off and on. After checking in there was a ferocious shower of both liquid and more than one type of solidity. Was glad to avoid that one.
Distance: 20km

As dinner was (typically) a bit late, foosball it is.
No kitchen in Morille, so a great dinner in the local bar.
Our pod leaves Morille.
A small rainbow to accompany a small shower
Alan and Anne "cheat" across a park on the way into Salamanca
The beautiful old city

Unique markings lead to the albergue
We just got in before a heavy shower

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