Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Thursday, March 30, 2017

To Lubian

Over the mountain pass today! Up, Up, Up all morning, and down in the afternoon. The guide book says tomorrow is also straight up and straight down.  I avoided some elevation by going through the highway tunnel. On my 4th long day in a row I needed to ease the pain as much as I could. The signs inside the tunnel, showing how many meters to each end, were quite interesting. They were placed every 50 meters or so. (see picture).

I caught up with Eric from France. He was in Castilloblanco way back on my second night! He seemed geniunely pleased to see me. It was definitely good for me to see a familiar face. He doesn't snore, I like that.d

My tablet locked up on my walk, so I missed several good pictures, but I got it going after I arrived. And I still have several pictures that seem to capture the flavor of the day, from before and after the lockup. The heart and coke can (from Cacares) are my only constant companions. The Camino has gone from red tile roofs and palm trees to black slate roofs and chestnut trees. Enjoy.

Weather: Low 32F High 60F with a great mix of clouds and sun.
Distance: The guide says 29 km but it was probably a little less, as the train construction forces the Camino to stick to the highway for most of the stage.
Route:  Right now the Camino is detoured due to construction. On one leg of the detour it is necessary to open a "gate" to an electric fence. Just hold the black handle and don't touch anything else.

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