Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Sunday, March 19, 2017

To Calzada de Bejar

Another beautiful day. Walked over the first mountain pass of the trip, and most of the way down the other side, with the highest point of the day about 3000 feet. The start in Seville was essentially sea level, 19 days ago.

This is where we met James last year. Good memories. Another good meal and good conversation on this visit.

Once again, the internet is too slow for pictures this evening. I'll try to add later.

Weather: Low 42F High 74F Brilliant.
Distance: 22 km
Route hints: Very simple, follow the way-markings. A good hill after Banos.
Town and Albergue: The town is small, about 100 people. The albergue is great, with a fire in the fireplace all evening.

A mid morning break in good weather is fantastic
This directional painting on the highwayc looks amazingly like the Cross/Sword of St. James
The gray hillsides of pre-bud trees and the green grass of the valley

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