Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Thursday, March 9, 2017

To Torremejia

Karl from Germany was a great roommate last night. We both wanted to get an early start, so we had lights out about 9pm, and he didn't snore. Jose and Nicole were in another room (they are an interesting couple, he is Spanish and she is French).

They say yesterday was a special day for women. I don't normally get too excited about special days for us/them, it seems to divide us more than unite us, in most cases. But just before bed, I was out on the patio, the sun was down, and the stars weren't out yet. Venus was in the western sky. Have you ever seen it hold court for that extra 20 minutes? It seemed to tell the stars they needed to wait just a little longer to pop tonight. It was the only light in the sky for the longest time.

I thought of all the women in my life. It was a joy to be fortunate enough to know both of grandmothers into my adulthood. My mother is the only one that's been there from the (my) beginning, and I'm thankful she is still doing well. My sisters have been such anchors for me, Brenda when I was younger and Julie now. My daughters-in-law are such a blessing in our lives. I could write a book about Ruth, but dinner is in 20 minutes! Awuvooooo. The youngest woman is the one who's heart you might have noticed in a few of the pictures. I wouldn't trade the world for any of our grandkids, but when there's only one little girl....well you know.

Meditation: Kyrie eleison
Weather: Low 50 High 82 Sunny, and really warm in the sun.
Distance: 28 km
Route hints: This stage has a stretch of straight flat road about 13 km. It is a real mental challenge.
Albergue: I'm at the one on the west side of town, next to the church. It's great, but the kitchen has only a fridge and microwave, no dishes or stove. After a long day, I'm eating in the cafe downstairs.

I got away before Karl this morning, but he passed me before we even got out of town.
What a rabbit.
I'll probably never get tired of sunrise photos
A long straight road, originally built by the Romans.
Spanish farm truck. No "pickups" here. If they need to haul something they hookup a little trailer to the white minivan.


  1. I remember seeing more than once the Basque shepherds carrying two or three sheep in back of those white minivans while crossing the Pyrenees.

    1. Yes they are quite creative in how they get things done.