Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

To Villafranca de los Barros

Just a quick post. Bought a new short sleeve shirt because I left one in Almaden de la Plata. I have one small blister that is feeling much better than it did 2 days ago, but a 28 km day tomorrow in 80F will test it.

Today was another great Camino day. Several times there were olive trees for as far as I could see. And so ancient. I ask Ramon (Spain) and Eric (France) how old the trees might be and they guessed 400 years. They ask the farmer we met just a couple of minutes later and he said no one knew, they were too old to know!

They had a funeral in the local church. They rang the bell for about 15 minutes. I started counting the rings but lost track after 50-something.

Meditation: Sunshine
Distance: About 20 km by the time I went shirt and shoe shopping (didn't buy shoes, I think I figured out a sloution with what I have.)

Weather: Low - I didn't look but it was the warmest morning so far, probably 52. High 75F Clear and sunny

Route tips: About 3 km before Villafranca the Camino crosses a railroad and goes back south a few hundred yards. I didn't see any arrows making this clear, but the only other choice was north on the train tracks.
Albergue and Town: Alb. Carmen is great. Sunny patio and common area, close to shops, etc.

Dinner last night, Ramon took the picture for me.
Got out of town just in time to see the sunrise
A short steep section on an otherwise mostly flat day
One of the thousands of olive trees on today's stage
A "St. James Cross" in the local sidewalk

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