Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

To Rionegro del Puente

First, I posted yesterday's post earlier today, so don't miss it.

Now for today's imaginary post. All of the thngs I say here, including the pictures are imaginary. This has to be the case because I would never start down 20 miles of Spanish railroad in the middle on nowhere, not to see another human for 8 hours!

I imagined that I want to make it to Santiago and I need to make up a stage or two. The Camino forms a right angle in this part, but the hypotenuse can be taken if you are willing to walk the highway for 22 miles. I couldn't do that. So I imagined that there was a partially constructed, new railway that takes an even slightly more direct route.

The follow things might have happened on this imaginary day.

I might have seen 6 european elk run across the right-of-way about 9 am. They might have been larger and darker than I expected.

I might have developed another blister, on the same right little toe that gave me trouble last year.

I might have seen any of the various images below, of what will be the sight of the new highspeed rail from NW Spain to Seville. 'Sharp' curves of 2 miles, two small tunnels, and vegetation begining while they wait for other bridges to be completed.

I might have crossed an imaginary bridge over a lake that reminded me a bit of Morrow Point, and had to bushwack down to a dirt road near the lake in order to go north to Rionegro. I KNOW this bridge is imaginary, because Google Maps satelite view shows no such bridge, only the railroad bed approaching the lake from both east and west!

Lastly, I am probably going to stop posting on the blog every day. I am trying to walk longer stages now, and I really need more rest. I'll try to post on the shorter days, when I can find an internet connection. Thanks to all the readers for the support.

Weather: Low 42F High 62F with just a few light morning showers.
Distance: Total 33 km, mostly on the imaginary railroad bed.
Route: Totally imaginary
Town: A nice albergue. The cafe across the road is supposed to be excellent. I'll try to let you know later.


  1. Sorry I've missed a couple of days -- I seem to have been tied up on other things. But I was still imagining that you were on Camino, and sure 'nuff, you were too.

  2. I know that feeling of needing to walk/rest and feeling you should post. So enjoying your writing, both imaginary and real.
    Buen Camino!
    P.S. I wish the Blister Queen could help you out.