Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Friday, March 17, 2017

To Oliva de Plasencia

The walk north from Carcaboso is special and the weather today was purrrrfect. About 10 o'clock I put my backpack against a rock, sat down leaning against my pack and just relaxed in what seemed like an enchanted forest. Maybe some elves would ride up on horseback? It was very nearly silent. Just a few quite bird sounds. Not sure how long I sat there, but after a bit the trail called.

I know I've mentioned (more than once) some of the differences between this trail and the Camino Frances. One thing I don't think I've mentioned is that the pilgrim "pods" are much more stable along this route. On the Camino Frances it is common to walk the same stages as a few other folks for a few days, but rare to do it for more than a week. This is because there are so many options each day for where to stop for the night. On this route, there are very few options. Some days there is really only one option of about 27-32 km. Other days there might be two choices of a 20-ish km town or one of 37-ish km. If you aren't ever going to do more than 32 km, then the other folks with whom you are staying tonight, will also be with you tomorrow (if they have the same limitation).

As long as your in with a good group it's great. I'm with a very good group now, and thankful for it.

Weather: Purrrfect.
Distance: 19 km
Route Hints: The detour to Oliva de Plasencia is all on asphalt and was a bit tougher than expected. I still think it's a better choice than the 38 km to Aldea del Cano.
Albergue and town: You really need reservations to walk to Oliva. The albergue has a good kitchen, and the town does not seem to have much of any place that serves food. The folks that run the albergue also run a little grocery store (if fact the store is where you go to check in).

This cow was on tbe wrong side of the fence.
Have I ever had a picture of a herd of goats?
Some of the forest had been harvested for the cork bark, resulting in crazy looking branches.
This is the 'big' grocery store here. (This is the whole store). It is one of the things we never see in a city in the Stares anymore. I remember McClay's market at the corner of South Avenue and Reserve Street, and buying penny candy after school.
Near where I took my late morning break.

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  1. I love that you thought of McClay's market. I can barely remember it. I can picture it on that corner, but can't recall the interior.