Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Sunday, March 5, 2017

To Monesterio

Monesterio is a town of about 4500, but seems much larger. I'm not sure why. It's claim to fame is a Museo del Jamon (Museum of Ham). I don't do museums when I'm on Camino, so someone else will need to tell you about it! This region is famous for pigs.

I had a crazy thing happen with pigs yesterday morning. Just before I caught Peter and Albert, there was a group of about 30 pigs ahead, just to my right. I started talking to them, not really thinking much about it, it's just what one does when he is by himself and comes upon any animal. You know, offer a friendly greeting. Normally there is minimal reaction.  But this time they ran for me. It was a bit unnerving. About half of them were smallish, but several were full grown, and a couple of them were the extra large 600 pound variety. They immediately had me surrounded, like with snouts a few inches from my legs. I was trapped. The farmer quickly appeared, and opened the gate at which they had been waiting. It seems that it was breakfast time, and any human looked to them like a potetial source a food pellets. They hurried to his call, and I was on my way. My camera was tucked away due to the rain, so no picture. Sorry.

The internet says group of pigs is called a "sounder of swine". Who makes this stuff up? I'll try to get a picture of the next "sounder" I see.

The walk today was mostly through beautiful ranch country. A very light mist persisted all day, and continues into the evening.  The only other noteworthy event was meeting Dennis and Jeanie from Kentucky, USA. We hop-skotched most of the day. They are the first native english speaking folks I've talked to all week!

Meditation: Ven Espiritu Santos (Come Holy Spirit)
Distance: 20 km
Weather: Low 45F High 55 Cloudy and very light mist, just enough for a rain jacket, but no rain pants needed.
Route hints: Really quite simple, head north and cross the highway a couple of times late in the walk.
Albergue: I'm in the parachial albergue, on the left side of the main street. Very nice, and if tonight is any indication, you might get the whole place to yourself. It is 10 Euros, which isn't bad, it's just different for a parochial to charge a fixed price.

Only one picture for today, but this what most of the day looked like.
Lots of cork oak, a few cattle, a few sheep, a few pigs.
I needed to keep the camera dry.


  1. Glad you survived your encounter with the pigs - just let the next sounder know not to mess with you or you'll turn them into bacon!

  2. Those pigs are adventure enough for several days for me!
    Even with the wet, it has to feel great to be there!! Keep writing. 😃

  3. I guess the jamóns were looking to the humán for a handout ;-) Too bad your camera wasn't handy--that would have made a great pic.

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