Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Saturday, September 29, 2018

To Boente

The Primitivo Camino joins the Camino Frances in Melide. I got there today just as the slower walkers from Palas de Rei were passing through. It's going be rare to be out of sight of other pilgrims for the next couple days.

One of the things I love about Camino is how it reveals that humans from all over the world experience such similar hardships. The wife of a man from Canada has died, and he says to me "You can't believe the number of tears a body can produce". The young lady from Denmark wonders what to do with her life after her only sister is killed in an automobile accident. The recently retired teacher from Cordaba, Spain explains how difficult the last few years have been because of....(parents are different now, administration requirements, etc.). And these things are revealed to nearly total strangers, even to an "ugly American".

I've offered this quote before, and it is still true: "The Camino is God's dream for how people should be when they're with each other".

We also experience similar joys. Last evening I was part of 24 pilgrims sharing a late dinner. There were 15 countries represented. We didn't all agree on the Isreal/Palestine issue, or many other political, social, or religious debates. (We certainly did not agree on a proper pilgrim bedtime). But we laughed and ate and talked and remembered the last few days. I believe God was pleased.
 Trailside breakfast: pear, cheese, cookies.
 Galician landscape. Much smaller hills than a few days ago.
 I love the way the Eucalyptus trees shed their bark.
 A good crop.
A local out for an evening ride.

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