Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Three days, another 60-ish km

It's been 3 days since I've updated the blog. No internet last evening, and simply too tired the night before.

To Albergue Rural Astrar. This refuge is just outside Santa Irene, sort of in the middle of nowhere. The owner has menus from nearby cafes and will call orders in, then goes to pick them up! So not a bad option if you don't have food with you. Jose and I shared a few groceries with each other and made a decent meal.

To Monte de Gozo (only 5 km from the Santiago cathedral). Maybe because it was my shortest day in over a week, but the climb up to Monte de Gozo seemed easier than ever. This was my 4th entrance into Santiago from the east. The highly praised Bar Chispa is closed on Monday, so I had to go to the fancier restaurant up the road. The poorest plate of ribs I've ever had. There were plenty of them, and lots of french fries too, so more than enough calories. I just wish the cooks would watch a few PBS cooking shows. Or maybe the local customers really do prefer flavorless fare. I don't know.

To Negreira. I walked through Santiago this morning. I arrived at the pilgrim office just as they opened at 8 am, got a stamp on my credential and carried on. I don't need another Compostela, five is enough. The weather continues to be absolutely perfect. I ran into Marco, Alexandra, and Cornelio near the cathedral, and then again just before arriving in Negreira. They had been in the cathedral square with about 15 of the other Primitivo group yesterday afternoon. I was sorry to have missed it.

There were a surprising number of folks on the road today. In 2014 when we walked today's stage we only saw a handful of others. It was November then, and it was raining. So much rain! Those two things change everything.
A few pictures from the last three days:
 Someone made a poor choice of footwear.
 They had graded this in 2012 when we crossed it. Still not completed.
 Welcome to the Camino Frances.
 My home for one night.
 Not quite yet.
 Moon over the cathedral this morning.
 I carried a few mixed nuts all the way from Leon.
Remember this from a 2014 post? A lot more water flowing that fall.