Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

To "A Fonsagrada" and "O Cadavo"

I'm combining two days. It's just easier that way. Also, these two days were nearly identical in every memorable way. We didn't enter or exit any big city. We didn't pass any grand geologic feature. We simply progressed 50-ish kilometers through beautiful countryside.

We did enter the province of Galicia, but the only noticeable difference is the shells on the trail markers now face the opposite direction (in Asturias the hinge faces the direction of travel, and in Galicia the fingers of the shell point toward Santiago). It's still green, and the hills are still high and steep. This is a difficult Camino. So far, I would say every day would match the toughest days on the entire Camino Frances, with difficult climbs and tricky downhill.

My body is asking for a rest. I'll try to talk myself into a short day tomorrow. We'll see. It's very warm here now, with highs in the mid 80s (F).
 Full moon over the church in Grandas de Salime as I left in the morning.
 Clouds pouring over the mountains in the distance, looked like snow.

 Second full moon picture.
 Traditional round storage building called a "palloza".
 I'm afraid the green-ness just doesn't come through in the pictures!

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