Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Friday, September 21, 2018

To El Espina

That seemed like a bunch of uphill. Maybe that's the reason I didn't get many pictures along the way.

Last night's convent has an interesting associated legend. It is dedicated to an infant king (or queen, I wasn't able to determine for certain). The legend says the royal toddler wandered off in the woods and was lost for 3 days. When found, he was in the cave of a bear, being nursed by the sow, resulting in a successful rescue. A bit hard for a Montana boy to believe. But it did result in two relief sculptures on the exterior, depicting the story.

Tonight we are in the Albergue El Texu in the medium size town of El Espina. The town seems really small, but has at least 3 grocery stores, one of which doesn't close for siesta. It is a fine place to stay, with everything a pilgrim needs.

The weather cooled significantly today, but the forecast says back in the 70s for the weekend.
 Yesterday afternoon was very dry, so I hung out all my clothing (except what I was wearing). I think I'm carrying to much!
 Can you see the infant human in the bear's grasp?
 Or in this one?
 A curious site. A field of chickens with a scarecrow.
 A nice footbridge. It looks like much of the trail system here was refurbished about 15 years ago.
 If tourist-grinos didn't act like such #!$@%+& they probably wouldn't $!#@&% me off so bad.
 Lots of rocky trails today, this section was nicely covered with leaves.
You can see by the height of the expressway towers, this is steep country.

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