Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Thursday, September 20, 2018

To Cornellana

A very short day. In fact, I'm sitting outside a coffee shop in the village, before going to the albergue and it's only 10:30. It will feel good to rest this afternoon.

Mary Ann was one of the hospitaleras last evening. I talked to her for a bit this morning about the albergue and hosting there. Very few english speakers come through Grado, but other than that it would be very similar to Zamora, and in many ways much more simple.

I'll cut this short and include pictures since I have Wi-Fi now and will not have it at the convent albergue here.
(Later: For pilgrims coming this way: the convent albergue DOES have excellent Wi-Fi, in conflict with the guidebooks that say otherwise.)

The weather continues be "perfecto".
 Kevin from Australia fixed himself a magnificent plate for dinner last evening.
 With the dense fog most mornings we haven't seen the sunrise. Today we got a dirty orange ball.
 Seed corn drying on the side of the horreo.
 That is a whole bunch of pole beans!
 Protection from the birds for some sort of berry crop.
A beautiful river valley just as we entered town.

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