Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Friday, September 28, 2018

Into and Out of Lugo

Another 50+ km in two days, 31 into Lugo yesterday, and 26 to Ponte Ferreira today.

Lugo was surprisingly big, I would guess about the size of Santiago, but much less touristy. The muni albergue there was full last night. The kitchen was such a mess this morning, I was ashamed to be part of this pilgrim pod. I thought I would get ahead of most of them today, but that didn't happen. They continued to gradually show up all afternoon. They are a fun group, just a high percentage of young folks, and probably a bit too much alcohol last night.

More little farms. More hills, but smaller now. More pilgrims, as we are now within the 100 km barrier on the Primitivo route. And more asphalt. Today must have been 90% asphalt. Again, I'm not being critical of the route, I just want to be accurate.
I've tried to slow down, unsuccessfully. I'll have to find another path to walk after getting to Muxia. (I plan to continue there after Santiago).


  1. I love those Galician mile -- oops, kilometer -- markers...right down to the meter.I'm sure they're 100% accurate, too ;-)

    1. Yes, it is actually a bit bothersome to see two that are across the street from each other, and only the last digit changes!