Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Thursday, September 13, 2018

To La Robla

My legs were complaining today. I'm not going to lie. Jet lag, or sitting for 24 hours yesterday, or maybe just "first day of Camino" jitters. Probably some of each.
The route is easy to follow. There are two big ridges to get over (they seemed big, but probably weren't). There was not as much asphalt as I figured, as it was the day of leaving Leon. I even heard a few shotguns in the river bottom only a few kilometers from the suburbs. Rabbits or birds?
I love the connectedness of walking; the frog splashing his escape as I bent down to wet my scarf in the ditch (the diverted river water looked almost drinkable but I didn't dare), the little lizards thinking they're hidden in the shadow of the pavement edge, the herd of goats not moving out of my way on a two-track farm road. You don't get that at 75 mph on a freeway. You also don't get the flies using the shade of your hat in the hot Spanish sun. Very bothersome.  I've made my choice for this journey.

Four Italians were so kind to invite me join them for dinner, Pasquale, Lucilla, Massimiliano, and Pietro.

27 km with bright sunshine all day. I'll need to add photos later, no WiFi.

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