Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

To Oviedo

This will be a short post because I need to get photos added to the last several blog posts.
Everybody stirred early this morning (6:06 when I looked at the time). There was a 24 hour coffee shop nearby, which was really nice. I hadn't had coffee since I left Denver!
Once again, either asphalt or poorly maintained trails. I'm not complaining, please believe me. I'm just wanting to paint a true picture. The trails weren't really that bad. I've chased elk through much worse. They're just not what I've come to expect along a Camino, and I know that is really just my problem. As the saying goes, "Pilgrims are thankful and tourists complain."
It is a very quick entrance into Oviedo, once you get over 3 very high ridges through the continuing landscape of northwest Spain.
There is a big festival in town this week, centered around evening concerts. The albergue is a good distance from the city center, so I don't think we'll be bothered.
Tomorrow - the Primitivo.

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