Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Day 24 To Santiago de Compostela

April 28, 2018: Saturday
This is always the most difficult post to write. I've always got so many mixed emotions when arriving here. Is there any really important item I've missed on this years blog?

We've been blessed with "success" on all 5 of our Spanish Caminos, and by that I mean that neither injury, nor illness, nor weather, nor any other obstacle has ever prevented us from walking into Santiago as planned. But success on Camino could have so many definitions. Our friend James was not able to walk into Santiago in 2016, and I know that specific Camino was one of his best journeys.

I've come to believe that a good Camino is soul cleansing. The spiritual and physical are separate, but deeply connected. This connection is revealed in Camino, just as it is around the Eucharistic table mentioned in yesterday's post.
I think several photos from around the city might be the best way to end this years journey. (for unknown reasons, these pictures are not in chronological order).
 Cathedral square selfie.
 Only about 14 folks ahead of us when we got to the pilgrim office. Later in the year the wait will be measured in hours.
 The number of tourist attractions near the cathedral is disappointing.
 Our friend Mitchell is particularly disturbed by the nonstop bagpiping.
 So many beggars around the bigger churches in Spain
 ". . . and from Madrid, two pilgrims from the United States. . ."
 The first-timers in the crowd were amazed by the butafumeiro. Even with us, it remains one of the satisfactions of a completed Camino.
 The crowd outside the cathedral entrance.
 "Never will we forget what was paid in lives for the errors of others." At the location of the 2013 train wreck.
 We followed this "Mom and Pop" bread truck into town. They were stopping once or twice in each block to deliver to the door and collect payments.
 The southern entrance to the city offers a great view of the cathedral from about one mile away. After 250 miles of walking, it is a good sight.


  1. Congratulations once again. The blog, as always, has been terrific. Ease back into the real world very carefully.

    Give us a jingle when you're back to su casa.

  2. Congratulations. I have enjoyed your blog and feel something lacking now that I don't find it each day as I open my computer! Another wonderful experience. Safe travels and blessings on your way home.