Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Day 6 Santa Maria la Real de Nieva

Eleven kilometers is just under 7 miles. That is a very short Camino day. But 7 miles in a cold, hard, wind blown rain is a long walk.

We walked into Santa Maria (the rest of the name will remain in the post title) about 2 hours before the refuge opened. We first had a hot drink in the coffee shop, sitting directly under a massive bull, with matadore pictures all around.

We then decided to see if the medical clinic was open. Business was slow, so we were all alone in their waiting area. It was warm, dry, and quiet. Ruth read an ebook she has on her phone. I finished yesterday's blog and wrote most of today's.

We wondered about Izak and Antoinette. We started before them this morning, as they were hoping for a break in the weather. I don't think a break ever came. [Later: they found a hotel about 1 km from Santa Maria].
Pictures are scarce on a rainy day. I managed a few after our arrival.
Pilgrim hints: No services between Añe and Santa Maria, but the way is well marked. Santa Maria has two shops and at least one bar/coffee shop. A friendly little town.
 Our supper last night, a really good self-made vegetarian pasta, with yellow and green peppers. Our gift from Mariano that evening was needed because we had four mouths to feed for both breakfast and supper, instead of our normal two.
 Rain on the window (and outside) of the medical clinic.
 Ruth Ann journaling after a warm shower. Our own "café con leche" to warm the tummy.
We were just getting ready for a walk around town when hail began, seen on the skylight of the refuge. The walk got cancelled.


  1. I really appreciate your blog, as I'm starting 6 weeks behind you. I just hope the weather is better. Buen Camino, I wish for you better weather now, not in 6 weeks :-) (let me know if you find any special beer, especially IPAs). Bill (my blog is/will be

    1. Thanks for following Bill. Have you tried the Blogger App? It crashes when I try to upload pictures. I have to use the actual Blogger website and it is not simple.