Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Day 4 Zamarramala

That is a mouthful of a name for a town, but there is so much more to tell.
We had to take the train. If you plan to do the Camino from Madrid, you either need to pick a year with a warm, dry spring, or wait until later in the year to begin (or bring your snowshoes). We stopped by the police station in Cercedilla (the town at the bottom of the pass). They informed us that the snow was nearly 20 inches deep on the north side. Our little band of pilgrims has grown to five with the edition of Annie, so all of us hopped the 1:30 pm train to Segovia. Ruth and I intend to return to cross the pass, later this month if the weather improves, or definitely on another trip if the snow is persistent.
We still walked 10-12 miles today, and it was really a great stretch of trail. Before the train ride we were in the foothills of this grand ridge of mountains, and after, we walked the entire length of the city of Segovia. The country of Spain has many beautiful cities. Segovia has moved up of my list. The streets are typical Iberia, narrow in the residential areas and pedestrian filled in the business and dining sections. The cathedral is Salamanca-like, and the Alcazar castle makes the Ponferada one look second rate.
But the prize of the city is the aqueduct. One of most awe inspiring man-made structures I've ever seen.
The weather forecast continues to be ominous. We hope for the best and are prepared for less than that. Here are a few pictures of the day.


  1. Just found your email which got buried and am thoroughly enjoying your blogs. They give me itchy feet for another Camino - perhaps September when the waters will have hopefully receded after this years massive rainfalls.
    Looking forward to following you both the rest of the way
    Buen Camino

    1. Yes, we think this is our last spring Camino. Amazingly cold so far. It is a beautiful route though.