Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Day 8 Alcazarèn

A fine Camino day. Cool temps and no rain, but threatening skies made us hurry a bit.

The most amazing happening in Villeguillo, about 7 km (a little less than two hours) into today's walk. The coffee shop was closed and this being the only mid-day town on today's stage, we figured we were out-of-luck. As we crossed the town square, every middle-grade child in the village was boarding a large van for an overnight trip. Three older women (about our age) were on the corner watching the excitement, and one of them joined us and directed us to her home. She invited us in, served us a hot drink and pastry. Her husband was quiet and helpful. She showed us their living area, where she pointed out that she could watch for pilgrims coming through town, and wave them down. What a kind heart. We tried to leave a small payment, and she came running after us to return it! Her name is Mari Jose (Mary Jo).

The only other important item for pilgrims: Be sure to take the right turn down the highway, about 8 km before Alcazarèn. Cross the river on an old bridge and then left into the forest along good dirt roads. It is 3 km shorter than going straight, and would provide shade on a hot afternoon. As of today, the roads are perfect walking surface.

We did see two small deer and many rabbits. The rabbits dig huge holes in the sandy soil in this part of Spain.
 The flooded Rio Eresma.
 Tiny deer tracks all along the trail. The deer in Spain are extremely shy.
 Our Camino Angel for today.
 Harvesting of leeks.
 Juan Carlos and Salvo caught us about 11 am.
 Processionary caterpillars.
 They crawl across roads in a head-to-tail line of dozens. The longest line we've seen was over eighty long.

 The Camino Madrid is a beautiful mix of forest and field (at least so far). The vineyards at the end of the day look like the plant kingdom version of the zombie apocalypse.

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  1. It reminded me of the processionally caterpillars from our time on the VDLP.