Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Day 7 Coca

Much better than yesterday. An amazingly flat 24 km, through a combination of fields and forest.
We crossed paths with Izak and Antoinette before we left Santa Maria, and walked with them all the way. As we passed through the next town they were just ahead of us, and Izak took a tumble. He skinned his elbow, but otherwise was OK.

In Nava, Pastelaria Rosaria is worth a visit and a stamp.

After leaving Nava there is a fork in the trail (arrows pointing both ways). This is always confusing, but in this case it doesn't matter as they meet up in just 500 meters.

The refuge in Coca has no heat (and it's no more than 55 F but there are plenty of blankets. Here a few pictures.

 The bull I mentioned in yesterday's post.
 Ruth and her morning pastry in Nava.
 A little snow on the rooftops this morning.
 The obligatory 'stork nest on the church tower' photo.
 Another impressive castle.
Santiago peregrino.


  1. I look forward to finding your blogs each day and I sympathize with your frustrations with internet and blogspot - been there experienced that as you well know! Keep them coming PLEASE

  2. Thanks for the encouragement James. Tell C. "Hello".