Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Day 21 To Silleda

Different year, different path. Just over a year ago I walked from Castro Dozon to Sellida, just like today. This year we took a different route for much of the way. Last year I missed a turn in the trail and ended up way off course. Last year I choose to walk the asphalt highway most of the afternoon. This year we did neither of those things.

We actually didn't intend to walk this far today. We got to the refuge in Laxe about noon, and the sign said they didn't open until 1 pm. It was just cool enough to be uncomfortable sitting (but perfect temperature for walking) so we walked on to Sellida. What's another 10 km? (About 6 miles Ruth reminds me.)

The Albergue Touristica here is excellent. It is unique, being a former hotel, but they've set it up well, with a nice sitting area and a kitchen.
Now the next 3 days will be very short.

A few pictures. Can you tell by the dominant color that we are in Galicia, with it's incredible rainfall amounts?
 The sharp left turn I missed last year. The paved road ahead did not get me to where I expected last year.
 Much of the day (and the entire Sanabres route) is on country roads surrounded by forests.
 Most horreos are old, but once in a while a new one can be spotted. I wrote about these in 2014 on this blog.
 A young colt, with Momma giving me a watchful eye.
 Freshly mowed hay. And an excellent salad Ruth made for dinner.

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