Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Day 5 Añe

Monday - April 9
Mariano from Añe deserves a special blessing. He provided a bit of food to our quartette. (Annie walked on when the rest of us stopped). There is no store in the town of Añe, but Ruth and I noticed a few hens and inquired about eggs. He added some bread and a can of sardines from his cupboard, and refused any payment. That's a first for us.
Fresh overnight snow in the hills above Segovia told us we made the correct decision yesterday, when we took the train. We had brief periods of sun today, but a 30 minute rain/sleet/snow mix will be what we remember.
The albergue in Añe is very basic and future pilgrims cannot depend on Mariano's chickens. Be prepared.
About halfway along today's walk there is a memorial to a fallen pilgrim. I don't know his story, but I do know Peter Catlow was much loved by his friends.
Just a bit farther along we came to a pine forest in which every tree was being drained of sap. I've never seen such a sight. My initial reaction was that it seemed abusive.
There is absolutely no internet here this evening. (I've been using both local Wi-Fi and cell phone mobile data, but not here!). This post will be delayed.
 Beautiful, but not a good omen for the day.
 Can you see the low snow line?
 A pretty little town, who's name I've already forgotten.
 Memorial to Peter Catlow.
 Future pine tar ingredient?


  1. I hope the snow stays away from your route. Looks like a fascinating route

  2. Re: the pine sap drip -- we saw the same thing on the CP, except they were gathering sap in plastic baggies nailed to the tree. Ultreia!

    1. We appreciate you following along. Hope you had a great trip east.