Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Monday, April 16, 2018

Day 12 Villalòn de Campos

We are ready for a short day, which we intend to take tomorrow. We done over 25 km/day for 4 days in a row, and we are feeling the fatigue.
The first two hours this morning were next to the Canal de Castilla. This canal runs hundreds of kilometers across the high plains of Spain.
We were thrilled to see a martin, a small mink-like predator. And even more thrilled that he posed for a picture.
Our hosts this evening are Lorenzo and José, two men who have walked about 30,000 kilometers of Camino between them. They also are very involved with the Spanish Camino organization, helping to promote and maintain the Camino. The albergue here is the best we've seen on this trip. They know what pilgrims need.
Here are a few pictures.

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