Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Day 14 Sahagún

We've been through this shock before. Walking a little used route, and then joining the Camino Frances. In the last two weeks only six other pilgrims crossed our path. Izak, Antoinette, Annie, Juan Carlos, Salvo, and Yahan. The albergue in Sahagún is like a bee hive or an ant hill. American youth playing a loud card game, South Koreans cooking a variety of dishes on the stove, unknown Europeans coming and going with groceries, wine, and trail snacks for tomorrow. We've met a few and avoided others.
We made an excellent omelette with ham and red pepper (six eggs, 5 oz ham, half of a very large pepper, and a few chunks of a baget to absorb moisture and add carbs. Mix and split into 2 microwave cups. Cook slowly until it reaches semi-solid consistency, stiring 4 or 5 times along the way. Serve with the remainder of the pepper sliced as a side. Less than 3 euros. The Korean ladies were taking notes.
Our walk today was less than spectacular, but still satisfying. First thing out of town there was a very loud frog croaking in the ditch just a few feet from the trail. They typically shut up as they hear footsteps. He/she continued even as we stood there. Until, of course, I started the video on my cell phone. It will remain only in our memory.
Tomorrow we travel back to attempt the mountain pass, which we skipped at the end of Day 4. It will require three different trains to get to Cercedilla, but if we can do it, the 30+ kilometers will complete our Camino Madrid.
Here are a few pictures.
 This is from yesterday. These little tiny towns have huge, extravagant cemeteries.
 A few of the trees are embracing spring, others are waiting for a little more sun.
 Morning dew.
 We walked up on a large hawk finishing lunch.
 The busy albergue kitchen and the huge dorm room with cubicle bunks.

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