Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Day 17 To Ourense

Saturday April 21
"A funny day", that's what Ruth said as she journalled this evening. We planned for only 11 km of walking (from San Ildefonso into Segovia), and then a 5 hour train ride to Ourense.
We had been to the Segovia train station just two weeks ago, and walked right to it, after two quick stops at grocery stores (the second stop was for the all important "crema de cacajuette" (peanut butter). But we got to a seemingly abandoned station. Nobody at the ticket window, nobody on the platform, and only one other prospective passenger. Segovia is not a huge city, but trains are at the heart of Spanish life, so something seemed amiss. We inquired of the one other human, who quickly pointed out we were at the "middle distance" train station. The long distance station was about a one hour walk from there. We knew how to walk and had 90 minutes before our train left, so off we went, following google maps instructions through light industrial and commercial districts on the south side of Segovia. We made it with just enough time for a sandwich and a banana before departure time. In just seconds we were zooming along at 250 km/hour.
After arriving in Ourense, it was another 30 minute walk to the albergue, so our 11 km day turned into 16 or 17.
It was a funny day.
 The 1/4 of baby pig we shared on Friday evening.
 Looking back at the mountains on Saturday morning. Below, the high speed train station in view.

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  1. The adventure continues. You seem to having a great time. I hope the final section on the Frances is equally amazing.