Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Friday, April 8, 2016

Day 9 - To Caparra

Caparra is a city in ruins. Literally. It was a Roman empire city, but was abandoned and buried in the sands of western Spain. Some parts have been excavated, and the great Arch of Caparra is in remarkably good shape. It is a quadruple arch, two arches facing northeast toward the mountains, and two arches facing northwest, with all four joined at the corners.

We have walked 75 days on Caminos since 2012, and today was one of the most emotionally disappointing. We've never had to take a ride in a vehicle until today. The town we had hoped to stay in had no beds, so we were given a ride to the nearest hostal, about 8 miles away.  This wasn't a complete surprise as some of these small towns have very limited accommodations.

Other than that it was a great day. Beautiful countryside. Ancient ruins. Practically no other folks on the trail. Mostly healthy bodies. Warm sun.

We visited for a while last evening with a nice couple from Slovenia, Johannes and Lillie. They walk very long stages so we will not likely ever see them again. Lillie gave us a gift of a quote (see below).

Weather : Low 41 High 60 with a cooler than expected breeze.
Quote from RA's journal: "Lillie said of Johannes, "He is in charge to make sure it all works out OK, I am in charge to enjoy it".  I gave a big smile and a thumbs up."
Tips for pilgrims: The arch and city ruins of Caparra are impressive. The visitor center is worth the 200 meter walk over the hill, but be warned that it is closed from 2 - 4 pm. The walk from Carcaboso to Caparra is one of the best stretches so far, but it has several points of confusing signage. The best suggestion I have is when given a choice, proceed directly northeast, not turning unless absolutely no other choice. We feel like Hostal Asturias is a good value, though not luxurious.

Sunrise through the stone fence
Cow watching pilgrims, pilgrims watching cow
Arco Romano de Caparra
Original insignia, dedicated to the designers parents


  1. You two are looking strong! Also looks like you're putting your "Leib und Seele", heart and soul, into the adventure. Mark F. (using Beth's acct.)

  2. We walked last april from Sevilla to Salamanca. It is so interesting to follow your blogi and see the pictures. We have walked several caminos, but Camino la Plata is special. Next Thuersday the 14.4 we shall go on from Salamanca, if God will. Interesting to see if you are at that time there!!!