Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Monday, April 25, 2016

Day 25 and 26 - To Columbrianos and Villafranca del Bierzo

Our friendly shadows have returned. The sun is out, the mornings brisk and the afternoons pleasant. The Ponferrada valley reminds us of the Bozeman area in southern Montana, a plain of several miles with snow on the peaks in the distance. Villafranca is on the western edge, just where the hills meet the mountains. It is our favorite town in Spain, and we just discovered a wonderful rose garden near the Plaza Mayor. Ruth says in two more weeks the blooms would be amazing.

Because we slowed our pace, we've lost most of the familiar faces. There will be new folks to meet tonight, hopefully over a shared bottle of local wine.

We've stayed in a few places that were rundown or dirty. Tonight's stay, Albergue de la Piedra is wonderful. The Rio Valcarce is tumbling down the narrow canyon, and the building is literally built partly into the mountain bedrock. The only problem is the beds are on the 4th floor, the "banos" on the third, the kitchen on the second, and the exit on the first. Too many stairs for tired pilgrims. The hosts Urai and Libbia are great.

Quote from RA's journal: The reasons for walking this pilgrimage are as varied as the pilgrims themselves.

On the old stone bridge entering Molinaseca
Wisteria in bloom in Ponferrada
Vineyards near Villafranca
We now have about 600 kilometers done, and about 200 to go
Bridge over the Rio Burbia

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  1. Bird--mom is here with us for homemade split pea (ham, carrots, potatoes, celery)soup, cheese and crackers with grapes for dessert and to catch up from day 6 when she was here last.

    Today we went to Sam's club and got her some sunglasses with built-in correction. She can even wear them in her room when the sun shines so brightly on that south side.

    Mom says to tell you she loves you and that you are making this journey most interesting. Our flowering trees are in bloom she wants you to know and the sun is shining.

    Melody has been bringing daffodils and tulips to her room. Today we had a boom bang rainstorm for a little while--enough to leave standing water in many Rigby intersections.

    Mom says again," we love 'em and keep up the good work and keep praising the Lord."

    More soon. She also asked why you keep choosing Spain and there is so much to see here. I just said it was what you decided to do.

    Your life is on mission as you encounter so many other pilgrims. They will continue to see things in you that they may never see in anyone else--the living Jesus. Blessings!