Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 7 -To Riolobos

"Now shall I walk or ride?
Ride, Pleasure said.
Walk, Joy relplied".
W. H. Davies
We took a little detour this afternoon. In order to even out the distances, we took a left after about 10 miles and walked to Riolobos, for a total of about 13 miles. We had asked last night's host to call and reserve a Casa Rural, which is Spain's version of a B and B.  It is a great little house of maybe 4 bedrooms, called Abuela Maxi. We were alone until a couple from eastern Spain showed up about 6:30 pm. They are auto tourists, Manuel and Pilar, seeing a few of the historic sights of western Spain. I hope they find joy in their journey, along with pleasure.
We got our first glimpse of the snow capped mountains north of here, walked through cork tree forests, and met a class of junior-high kids jogging up the road as we entered town.
We have really enjoyed the comments on the blog.  We do miss our family and friends in the States.
Wi-fi in this town is not able to handle photos, will add them later.
Weather: Low 46F High 68F Sunny and pleasant.
Quote from RA's journal: "Kindness has no language barrier."
Tips for pilgrims:  Carnavaral to Galisteo is 28 km, then 11 km to Carcaboso the next day. By diverting to Riolobos, you only add about 2 km to the total walk, but you are able to keep both days to Carcaboso under 22 km if you stay in Riolobos and continue all the way to Carcaboso the next day.


  1. The kids are so cute! I wonder if they love the pilgrims or find them a nuisance?

    1. I really wanted to see if any of them would like to practice their English and see what we could learn from them too, but we were tired and they were in the middle of a 'workout'.