Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Day 8 - To Carcaboso

The main event of the day was passing by the town of Galisteo. This town is enclosed within a stone wall which is 35 feet tall and about 10 feet thick. The wall is about 800 years old, and to this day there only three exits!  We ate an early lunch on top of the wall before continuing on to Carcaboso.

We continue to meet new folks. 'Daniel' from Missouri and 'Michael' from Germany assisted us today in arranging housing for Friday evening (after they shared with us the info that the place we had planned to stay was already full, as they had just called and inquired).

Weather: Low 46F High 74F Sunny
Quote from RA's journal: "Even leftover pasta makes a picnic."
Tips for pilgrims: Follow-up on yesterdays tip, if you do choose to go through Riolobos, the entire day to Carcaboso is on asphalt. It is not a busy road, but there are very few breaks from the pavement.  Don't miss the city walls of Galisteo!

Walkway atop the city wall of Galisteo
Looking down on a house inside the town
Peaking over the edge of the wall
Wheel of Fortune - notice the category, "Secrets of Marriage"


  1. All is well.

    Keep up the good walk!

  2. Is this the wall you were walking on in the video on Facebook? I would love to see this town and experience the history! So happy for your adventures! Love you

    1. Yes, this is the Wall. We also took a little video of the stairs to the top. Not OSHA approved!