Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Day 6 - To Carnavaral

This is not the Camino Frances. We were 9 hours and 32 km (20 miles) with no towns, coffee shops or truck stops.  Be sure to have enough food and water leaving Casar de Caceres. It was a beautiful walk through green ranchland, along a highway next to Spain's version of Lake Powell, and the last 11 km atop a ridge where we saw our first real wildlife (Ruth saw 3 european elk while I was trying to take a picture of flowers).

The meal at the Hostal Carnavaral was excellent this evening. The 5 of us decided the best first course is the green salad, the best I've ever seen in Spain. The best dessert is the rice pudding which seemed to have a subtle citris flavoring.

One funny story from this morning. Last night's albergue is notorious for loud town bells that ring the hour TWICE at the top of each hour (9pm with 9 rings at 9:00 and 9 more rings at 9:01, with this pattern continuing all 24 hours). This morning over breakfast Ruth says to me, "At least the town bell stopped ringing after 10pm". I didn't think she was serious, but then I realized she had slept so well that she didn't hear the rings all night. We laughed.

Weather: Low 42F High 62F Sunny and windy
Quote from RA's journal: "OK Spain, now you're just showing off."
Tips for pilgrims: See text above.

Miliario Henge
Millions of tiny red blooms make a carpet around the moss covered rocks
Embalse de Alcantara
High speed railway construction
We must have seen 50 types of flowers today.


  1. "...9 hours and 32 km (20 miles) with no towns, coffee shops or truck stops." At least you had good training for days like this :-)

    Missing you guys on Tuesdays. We did a partial loop of North Table Mountain this week -- 500 ft up to start, then 400 down the backside, 400 back up to the top of the mesa, finishing with the final knee-pounding 500 back down. Ibuprofin is good.

  2. Yes Jim, Chimayo was good training. We wondered "where is Mary's van?". Ruth is missing her wildflower buddy Jeanette.