Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day 14 - To Casa Saso

Casa Saso has just begun catering to pilgrims.  They've had a camp site for a while, but since the location is a perfect 23 km from Salamanca, they are now offering beds to pilgrims. It is 7 km past Calzada de Valdunciel, about 150 meters off the camino. We met Bridgett (from Austria) leaving Salamanca this morning, she told us about Casa Sosa, it sounded good, so we are here with her and James.

We are now out of the hill country and onto the plains for a few days. Since there does not seem to be much to say about the walk today, I thought it would be good to elaborate on a mention that was made a few days ago.  I said that it seemed we were walking along a wide right-of-way for livestock, and it turns out to be true.  There at least two names for it: Via Pecuaria or Canada Real.  In most places it seems to be public domain land and marked by granite posts about 18" high, with a VP on the side (see below). Our path and this path sometimes cross, sometimes parallel, and sometimes are the same.

Weather: Low 40F High 62F Windy again, but only a few drops of rain during our walk. It began raining just as I was posting this, we had to go retrieve the laundry from the line!
Quote fromRA's journal: "No Cuckoo birds this morning, but we did hear a rooster!"
Tips for pilgrims: Casa Saso is not the fanciest place, but the hosts are a friendly couple who are eager to make us happy.  Staying here turns the stages from Salamanca to Zamora into a 23/26/16 km combination, which is better than any other 3 day division of the 65 km. I will also give you a hint to save 200 meters of walking. About 6 km past Calzada there is a bothersome back-track required anytime there has been rain (most of the time). You end up on the old highway and after the bridge the arrows tell you to back-track again to return to camino. This second detour is not needed. Just continue up the hill and there is an underpass where you can go under the divided highway to return to the camino, continuing north to El Cubo or stopping at Casa Saso in 500 meters.

Via Pecuaria marker
Plaza Mayor at 7:15 AM
The plains of western Spain
Our home for Wednesday evening
The Senora of the house gave both Ruth and Bridgett a trim.
Mike and James study the guides and papers for the next few day's walks.


  1. What a blessing to follow with you on this incredible journey. The Lord has placed some of His most glorious handiwork before you--people, food, landscapes, skyscapes, weather patterns--I'm amazed by it all. Surely ennui is never known to set into your daily routine. We get so focused on our projects and moments here, that it takes intentional shifts to think of all that you experience 8 hours or so ahead of us. You come to my prayer-heart often. I'm reminded of Michael Card's song "Joy in the Journey." You are filled with Jesus' joy, and when the pressure is on, remember that he makes diamonds out of dust, out of us.