Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Monday, April 4, 2016

Day 5 - To Casar de Caceres

The distance between towns on this Camino is not always good for walking.  Leaving Caceres it is 11 km to Casar de Caceres. We had to stop here because it is 22 km to the next point of civilization, which is too much for an afternoon stroll.  It rained all day today, so a short day was very welcomed.

There is a Museo de Queso (cheese museum) in this town, but sadly it is closed on Mondays.

We shared our afternoon meal of pasta with a young Korean. She tried to get us to say her name correctly, but I don't think we ever succeeded. Something like Minzo.

We hear that the Via de la Plata is very busy about 7 days behind us, people unable to find a bed in some of the little towns. Not so where we are. We did not see a single other pilgrim on today's walk, although there about 6 in each of the two refuges here tonight.

Weather: Rain with both the low and the high temp in the mid 50s.

Quote from RA's journal: The sign in albergue made me laugh 'We do not like to have any washing hanging in the town square'.

Tips for pilgrims: Make it to the Plaza de Toros on the north side of Caceres and there are some Way markers from there, though not many.  After about an hour on the highway there is a nice gravel road on the left that you can stay on directly into Casar de Caceres, then straight through town on the main road. The municiple albergue is basic, but has a good kitchen and free washer and dryer.

Leaving Caceres the Camino passes the bull fighting arena
Some of today was along the highway
Large steppings stones have been placed at many low spots along the trail
Something like:
March on pilgrim
Arrive in Santiago
Give a hug and a kiss
Ring the bell
Follow your Way
God will be with you
To your destination.


  1. Emery van BroekhuizenApril 4, 2016 at 11:22 AM

    Than you for keeping us updated! I love reading your blog. Many blessings as you continue your journey! Hugs!

  2. Love the OSHA orange poncho -- hard to miss, even on a rainy day. Keep on truckin'.

  3. You didn't see anyone because you are troopers..... Everyone else avoiding the rain. Ha