Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Day 10 - To La Calzada de Bejar

A village of 84 people. Seems like not only a different country, but a different century. We've had a good dinner, and there is fire in the fireplace. We should sleep well tonight.

It was a beautiful morning, and actually the afternoon was beautiful also.  But the afternoon was difficult.  We asked our previous host to reserve a room in Puerto de Bejar, and he assured us all was set. We began our walk at 7:20 AM, and arrived at our planned destination at 3:00 PM.  The man there told us he was full and had no reservation.  He was kind enough to let us use the bathroom, fill our water bottles, and call ahead to find a bed. After 10 more kilometers of walking we arrived to La Calzada de Bejar at 5:30 PM.  Alba and Soraya are lovely hosts and we even got a tiny shot of the local liquor after dinner.

We didn't take many photos today, so I thought I'd post a few pictures of the unique way markers on the Via de la Plata. Yellow arrows are scattered along the way, but the granite blocks are sometimes all there is at a fork.

Weather: Low 39F High 66F Sunny, but a rainbow shortly after we arrived, so a small shower late.
Quote from RA's journal: "Well that was an adventure."
Tips for pilgrims:  This stage was beautiful, but more elevation than we've seen so far. Both steep up and steep down. Plan accordingly.

These granite blocks are the most common way marking on the Via de la Plata.
Walk forward toward the top of the arch along the direction of the yellow line.
The yellow and blue together indicates that this part of the path
is both the Via de la Plata and the original Roman road

Here the VdlP stays straight ahead (yellow marked cube)
And the original Roman road goes left into the countryside (blue marked cube)
A photo never seems to capture the beauty of a rainbow

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  1. You have told that many albergas have been full!!Amasing at this time of the year.
    When have you planned to be in Salamanca and go on? We shall leave Salamanca in next Thursday. We are a couple from Finland.