Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Monday, October 6, 2014

We proceed on

First, we are having trouble accessing our regular email.  Hopefully we will figure it out.  If not, we will at least try to continue posting here.  We have only had wi-fi for one of the last few days, so we have some catching up to do.   Friday evening we slept in Villamayor de Mojardin.  A small town with large church bells that rang 4 times each hour - all night long.  Saturday we made it to Torres del Rio, a slightly larger town with the greastest name of all the towns along our walk.  It had one small grocery store, Ruth made a delicious egg, potato, onion, and cheese dish for supper.  We drank free wine with supper. We had passed a large winery which had both a water spigot and a wine spigot.  Take as much as you dare, just remember you have to walk to the next town!  Sunday we entered the 3rd largest city we will pass, Logrono - about 150,000 people.  The buzz of the downtown area was quite a change.

We have been walking through mostly agricultural land since leaving the mountains.  Cultivated fields and sheep country first, then large, lush vineyards ready for harvest.

Today we are in a wonderful albergue call San Saturnino, in a village of Ventosa.  The weather has been fabulous the last few days, if a little warm for walking.  Very grateful for the lack of rain.  Our bodies are feeling stronger each day, with only minor aches.

We continue to meet people from all over the world: Switzerland, Germany, Canada, France, Korea, Poland, Lithuania, Belgium, Netherlands, Japan, Slovakia, Taiwan, Spain, England, Ireland, Ukraine, Australia, and of course USA.  Last night we had a long conversation with a "brazilian frenchman who lives in New York City".

A Basque shepherd with his two dogs and large flock.
Free wine!!!
Vineyards and Olive orchard.
Abundant harvest.
Clean-up crew.


  1. You are really great photographers. Keep capturing all the details. I love the vineyards and those grapes are beautiful. Eat some for me. Or perhaps I should say, "Drink some for me!"

  2. love seeing you both look so happy! Ruth's smile is just joyful! Be well.... xo, terrell