Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Over the "Hill of Forgiveness"

We walked from Zariquiegue to Cirauqui today. The big event was passing by the large wind turbins and the cut out statues of pilgrims.  In spanish "Alto del Perdon".  Descending from the top was one of the most difficult trails we have encountered.  The ridge seems to be of similar composition to Green Mountain on the west side of Denver.  Mostly rocks of various sizes, from less than one inch to about 10 inches.  It makes for a bothersome walking surface.  As we continued, the vegetation changed from northern european to mediterrenian: olive trees, vineyards, almond trees, and even a few species of cactus.  We are thankful to have had very little rain.  Temperatures today - low: 52F high: 81F. 

These are huge!!!
Well known sculptures, and a less well known pilgrim
"Where the path of the wind crosses that of the stars"
As you can see, cars do manage these streets
Cirauqui, as peaceful as it looks, except for very loud church bells.

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