Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Friday, October 10, 2014

Two tough days

Today is the first day that some doubt is awakening.  Mike's knee was causing quite alot of discomfort as we arrived at the refuge.  A shower, a rest, and a good supper with new friends have helped. Some ibuprofen should also aid.  Yesterday was our first long walk in the rain, which normally would not be so bad, but then we did not get to bed as early as usual due to the activities at the Tosantos Albergue.  And today's hike, although in beautiful hills that reminded us of the Rampart range area near Denver, had several hundred feet of steep up and down.  Turning in early is the plan for this evening.  We are in Ages and should arrive in Burgos tomorrow.  Here are a few pictures from the last couple days.

Singing in the rain.
We have been surprised by the number of trucks.
Now we know how placed the heavy church bells in the 13th century.
A lively dinner on Wednesday evening in Granon.
And the table set in Tosantos last evening.
Cool looking mushrooms.
Red sky in morning, sailor take warning.


  1. I'm checking in once a week on your blog. I love the pictures and know you must be having a blast. I hope Mike's knees feel better soon and you get some rest along the way. It looks amazing and you are getting to see so much! Kim W

  2. Sorry your knee is hurting! I know you can do it. Ibuprophen is my mantra. I love you!