Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Day of Celebration

We have now completed the Camino Frances, even though we still have more than 150 miles to make Santiago.  Most of the readers know this is our second time to Spain.  In 2012 we walked from Astorga to Santiago, which is the last third of the Camino Frances.  Today we ended our day in Astorga, completing the first two thirds.  We will continue on, hoping to make it from France to the Atlantic on this walk.

The weather continues to be wonderful.  The morning was the coolest so far at 42F, with a high in the 60s it was perfect for walking.

We made a delicious pasta dish for supper, with chicken breast, fresh onion, green pepper, and tomatoes sauteed in butter with just a bit of paella spice.  Topped off with a perfect 0.89 cent Euro bottle of wine (really good!!!).

A very long, very old bridge. 19 arches like the 3 seen here.  Originally from the 14th century.
Spud harvest - Spanish style.
Crema de Cacahuete

Astorga in the distance
Where it all started two years ago.


  1. It is amazing to read about your way to do the Camino which is both amusing and instructive (for my personal second half next year ;-) ).
    I'm looking forward to your further posts!
    Best wishes from Germany for your onward journey! :-)

  2. Congratulations on completing the journey that began in 2012, and best wishes for the successful completion of this year's complete Camino. Ultreia!

  3. That bridge is amazing! You guys are amazing. This trip couldn't be better. So glad you are healthy and strong!! I love you