Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Simple Things

After just over a month on the trail we have a list of some simple things that make life easier.  We hope they provide some entertainment for the readers.
--  A soap dish in the shower
--  Soft dirt on the trail
--  A chair in the boot changing area
--  Clean dish towels
--  Screens on the windows
--  TP in the bathroom
--  Soap in the laundry area
--  Head room in the bottom bunk
--  Head room in the top bunk
--  Newspaper to stuff in wet boots
--  A sharp knife in the kitchen
--  A skillet with a flat bottom
--  Light bulbs in all the sockets
--  Beds, showers and toilets on the same floor
--  A little shade on a hot afternoon
--  A little shelter on a cold rainy morning
--  A clearly marked fork in the trail
--  Hot water
We don't intend to sound as if we are complaining.  We have learned to laugh at most of these items, and appreciate them greatly when they are provided.

We proceed on.  We stayed in a great albergue in La Faba on Monday.  It is run by a German pilgrim association.  The host turned on the dorm light promptly at 6:30 am.  The Germans don't mess around.  We walked a difficult 25 kilometers on Tuesday, climbing a steep trail for the first 90 minutes and then descending steep paths almost all afternoon, arriving in Triacastela very fatigued.  Today we did a bit shorter distance, but still over a good size hill.  We've found a gem of an albergue called Albergue Mayor in the town of Sarria.

Sarria is noteworthy because many Camino pilgrims begin their walk here.  If a person wants to walk the minimum distance to Santiago, and still receive a certificate of completion (a Compostela), then Sarria is where they begin.

We appreciate all the comments on the blog, hopefully we've conquered our tech issues and the comments with appear more quickly.

The last three days have been througn wonderful terrain. Here are a few pics.

Suggar and Flower.
Looking back at the trail on Tuesday morning.
Farm and Forest.
Much better weather than the last time we were here!
We wondered how many folks have crossed here.
The dairy cows in the high country are an ancient and hardy breed.
Ruth always has to stop and smell the roses - literally.

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  1. I'm getting psyched looking at these photos. Last one made me laugh out loud. (I do know the acronyms, or whatever they're called, lol and lmao but at my age it would seem out of character.)