Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Sunday, October 19, 2014

"It's not a hike it's a pilgrimage"

One of our hosts recently reminded us that it is a pilgrimage, not a hike.  Well, we think it is both.  But the last two days have reminded us of his comment.  Nobody would choose to 'hike' the plains of northern Spain.  Long, uneventful days, with mile after identical mile.

Last night in Bercadillos we had a chance to listen to others pilgrims share what the Camino has meant to them (so far, after covering about half of it).  One young woman said it was helping her battle some of her demons.  Another said that it reminded him of real life, where you sometimes take a wrong turn, but can usually find your way back to the correct path.  Several said stuff in French or Spanish - which we only understood bits and pieces.  Ruth was the last to speak, and said it reminded her that even though we speak different languages and come from different places around the world, we all are on the same Camino - both in this walk, and in life.

Tonight we are in a town called Mansilla de las Mulas (saddle of the mules) a small suburb of Leon.  We made a good supper.  Watched a profound video of some of our Housemates from Denver.  Found a plaza to have a private Eucharist.  Met a new couple from Scotland.

Today was our longest walk of the trip and we should be in Leon tomorrow.  We hardly took any pictures, here are a few.

Not our favorite section of the Camino.
Welcome desk at albergue, note foot care firstaid supplies.
Ancient city walls of Mansilla.
Cuerpo y Sangre de Cristo, pilgrim style.

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