Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Half-day as Tourists

We did a good walk each of the last two days, making Leon by mid-afternoon on Monday and reaching San Martin on Tuesday.  Leon is the last big city we will pass through, and it felt like time for just a little pampering.

We checked into a hotel, took showers, and a long nap(s).  A nice sidewalk table with a view of the cathedral for dinner, and we really felt spoiled.  It was so nice to have a private room and sleep to just a little big city background noise.

As we walked up toward the city center Ruth noticed a sandwich shop and said "that's the window we sat in for lunch in 2012".  It was the first of many recognizable sights to come.

The walk out of the big cities always seems long and ugly - lots of industrial properties and concrete.  We passed through a couple of small towns before reaching San Martin, a town that has more noise than it should due to a busy two lane highway passing through it's center.

The best news of this post is that we found peanut butter in Leon!  It is the simple pleasures that bring the most joy.  (picture in the next post).

 French Toast tapas during a morning break - so good!
Finishing an excellent dinner
Chocolatey goodness
City lights from our bacony on Monday evening
We liked the name of this town.


  1. What a joy to follow with you on this amazing journey. You bring such life to your own brand of photojournalism. Mom and I sat at my kitchen table the other day, drank tea, shared an apple and she thoroughly enjoyed her time with you. Thank you! I continue to pray that the Lord will go before you, keep you safe, well-protected and provided for, and open your eyes to something new from his heart each day. Bird