Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Sunday, April 2, 2017

To Xunqueira de Ambia

I must say the Camino Sanabres is not easy. Of course, if I wasn't doing 35 km days it would be much less strenuous. But as we know from hiking in Colorado, the up and down hikes usually reward with beautiful vistas, and that was the case today. Lots of ups and downs the last few days!

Last night there were bagpipes and drums playing in the street in Laza, with folks doing a dance that seemed quite Irish. This part of Spain has deep Celtic roots which I haven't quite figured out.

I took a picture of the first "horreo" I saw today. See the post from November 1, 2014 for more details on this Galician custom for storing grain.

I also met 2 couples from Belgium, who are walking shorter days. They are in the albergue tonight with Eric and I, and I hope we can eat together later. And since we're all planning a shorter day tomorrow, maybe I'll see them for more than one evening.

As I caught up with them this afternoon, we passed a wonderfully arranged group of bee hives. One of the men and I took a slight detour to get a good picture (see below). As we returned to the trail, which was above the hives, we must have startled some of the bees, as several got after us. I was stung once on my arm, and two other folks were also stung. They must be a quite aggressive species, because we didn't really think we had done anything to deserve the treatment we got!

Weather: Low 26F High 62F but still cool in the afternoon shade.
Distance: Eric's GPS says 34.2 km, but I walked bit further than him, so I'm calling it 35.
Route: Better eat your Wheaties leaving Laza. Straight uphill for most of the morning.
Town/Albergue: The municiple albergue here is really nice, but like last nights it's a bit out of town, which is not convenient for walking to the shop  etc.


  1. The good thing: the views. The bad thing: the bees. The good thing: another 35 km down. One foot in front of the other.
    Buen Camino.