Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Thursday, April 6, 2017

To Outeiro

"Eternity is long, especially toward the end."
This quote has been attributed to multiple sources. I hope it was really Stephen Hawking, not Woody Allen. Either way, with over 95% of the walking done, this Camino feels that way.
Near the end of last year's trip I wrote a post about a snail vs. a pilgrim vs. a car vs. jet. It's one of my favorites. The knowledge that cars passing me on the highway today are in Santiago before I take my next break is really wierd. I won't be there until tomorrow afternoon.
On the other hand, I have this desperation for it to NOT be over.  At this point, it's hard to imagine NOT getting out of bed, downing some quick energy, and putting the backpack on. Once again, as it has on previous Caminos, my knee feels better than ever, after 600 miles distance, and more elevation than a climb from the ocean to Mt. Everest's summit, and back down!  Last year the doctor told me if this is what keeps me healthy, then keep doing it! I told her "I can't do that".
The albergue in Outiero is out in the middle of nowhere. It is new and very nice, but quite isolated. I ate a burger and bought some groceries in Ponte Ulla before continuing. Sometimes it really helps to know these things!
Weather: Ditto of the last few days. I know the farmers need rain, so I'm praying it will come - starting next week!
Distance: 23 km
Route: Galicia has marked the path well. But the last few day's I've missed 3 or 4 turns, as it zigs and zags all day long, and I seem to miss one once in a while.
Lots of shadows on this Camino. That's a good thing.
Today's walk was through about a dozen little valleys of forest and farm
The forest...
The last valley was not so little.
The Outeiro Albergue. A nice facility, just very isolated.

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  1. I love your black & white of the forest. So proud of you and your journey. Excited to have you home to hear all about it. Awvuvoooo RA