Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

To Silleda

My last 25+ km day for this trip. I feel it. Two more "easy" days of about 20 km each to Santiago.
I just noticed in my notes that tomorrow's albergue is remote and did not have wifi last year, so this might be the last post before I reach Santiago. I'll try to do at least one more post before returning home.
I dedicated this Camino to Peace before I began. Peace between me and other individuals. Peace between Americans and citizens of other countries, Peace with myself, Peace toward nature, and Peace with God. I shared specifics about this with folks along the Way, when it seemed appropriate. But mostly I simply acted on this dedication to peace. I've been truly amazed at how it went. I've had almost 40 days of fatigue, pain, lack of sleep, communication difficulties, little control over what is available to eat or where I might stay, and blisters (along with so many blessings). I can only remember one harsh phrase I had to speak, and I believe that one time it was appropriate, as I was defending a fellow pilgrim.
Almost every Spaniard has been so helpful and patient. Almost every other pilgrim has been generous, courteous, and considerate.
Nearly everyone has been kind beyond words. Almost every interaction has ended with a smile and a word of blessing. It is one of the things I love about this seemingly magical experience. Kindness. Is that just another word for Peace?
Weather: Wonderful
Distance: 28 km
Finally a day where the trail really did go 'down' for most of the day.
In this region a type of kale is grown, which continues to produce all winter, growing taller with each picking and commonly reaching over 5 feet by spring. It's yummy in the local soups.
A little more than 38 km by trail, but still two "not so difficult" days of walking.
I think this inscription is written in Galego, not Spanish. But based on the similarity to Spanish -and the scupture itself, it would seem to be dedicated to working women.
View from 4th floor albergue rooms. So many stairs!

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