Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Random thoughts after arriving in Santiago de Compostela

We walked a full day into Santiago on Thursday. Just like any trip, the last little bit seems the longest. We entered the old city with a wonderful couple from South Africa who were on their first Camino. The conversation helped pass the last hour and the excitement was contagious.
Here are few thoughts on completion of our third Spain Camino:
● I am thankful to be able to share this experience with Ruth Ann. So thankful.
● All kinds of people snore.
● There is no such thing as "good rain gear".
● I wonder why my knee doesn't hurt while I'm on Camino.
● I wonder why so many churches are empty, yet the Santiago Cathedral is packed every day at noon.
● You might say a prayer for Beatrice, who is battling cancer. Her aunt sat beside us during the Friday evening service, after walking 500 miles in prayer. It was a special moment for the aunt, and we appreciated the chance to share in it.
● Sports is the only thing I can enjoy on Spanish TV, but that's also somewhat true of what I enjoy on Denver TV.
● The food in most Spanish restaurants continues to be uninspired.
● Both of us are craving good pizza.
● There are times when a person deserves a compostela even when they can't complete their Camino.
● It has been a good journey, I think we will remember both the joys and struggles with a smile.
On our way into Santiago we stopped by the "celebrating pilgrims"statue on Monte de Gozo
It is always great to see the botafumeiro swing.
This picture is from 2014 as I decided to just sit and take in the moment on Friday.
We were glad to have one more evening with James before he headed home.
We took a bus to the coast on Saturday and the bus stopped at the Rio Tambre where we were able to duplicate a picture from our walk in 2014.


  1. Congratulations. It was great spending time with you both and thanks for all the support you gave. Enjoy your last days in Spain, but I am sure you will be back, the Camino always seems to call us back. Hope to see you in Virginia. Best wishes, James

  2. Thamks for sharing all your journey. We followed it before, during and after our Camino. Be blessed.

  3. Bird--It has been a joy to take this vicarious journey again with you two. Mom has certainly been happy to see pictures and has endured my slaughtering of Spanish pronunciations.

    We are excited to have you back Stateside and know that there will be some emotional download before you take on your typical (I won't say normal) schedule. Look forward to your call whenever you are able. Blessings upon blessings! Love you and am so proud of you for persevering to the end.

  4. Congratulations! My husband James talked very fondly of you both. I wanted to read your blog and I feel I got to know you a little too. I look forward to meeting you in person sometime hopefully soon when you come to Virginia. Blessings! Christa