Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Monday, May 2, 2016

Days 31, 32, and 33 To Mercadoiro, Eirexe, and Melide

Leaving Sarria is always busy, and we seemed to have picked the time of a perfect storm to make it worse than normal. We started the Sarria section on a Saturday, but not just any Saturday. It was the beginning of a 3 day holiday weekend in Spain. The number of people on the trail was truly shocking, as weekenders from all over Spain clogged the path.

But the last 100 km into Satiago is beautiful. Rich pasture lands and forests of both conifers and diciduous trees. And by leaving Mercandioro early and staying in Eirexe on Sunday night, we had several hours of solitude along the trail as the folks in Portomarin and Palas de Rei were ahead of us each morning. We've sort of formed a new Camino family with Jonathon, Finn, Laurel, Melissa, and a few others.

The weather continues to be perfect, frost beside the trail in the morning, and mostly sunny all day. In 2012 we had one day below freezing, in 2014 the lowest temperature was about 40F, but this year we've had several days with frost on the fields. The next couple of days are predicted to be much warmer.

We are starting to feel that the end of our walk is nearing. It's a different kind of anticipation than I wrote about in the March post.

Quote from RA's journal: Weariness is setting in, but cannot dampen the anticipation of arriving in Santiago de Compostela.

The Portomarin bridge was still hidden in fog as we crossed early Sunday morning.
We climbed above the fog within 30 minutes, to sunny skies.
We are amazed that the spring colors are so similar to fall
Valentine (from Hungary) and his companion Nora the giraffe
'Dancing pilgrims' sculpture in Palas de Rei
These 48 high school students passed us this morning!

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  1. Missing you both and praying for continuing sunshine and strength/endurance as you near the end of your pilgrimage - buen Camino my friends!