Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Espana solo - To Spain alone

I'm excited to get back to Spain.

Ruth and I have a future trip already planned, but I'm ready for a long walk this spring. Tickets are cheap. Weather in southern Spain is warm. I am healthy.

So off I go in a few days to begin in Seville. This will be a different Camino. We've always shared our journeys together, side by side. This time we will share the journey from a distance. I will try to update this blog as I travel north along the Via de la Plata, both for her and for anyone else who might enjoy it.

We've had a great year since the last post on this blog. A big family reunion was the highlight of the summer. A few weeks ago another niece was born, and we just found out that we have another grandson due this summer. We recently enjoyed a great visit with our Virginia family.

We continue to be active in our local Camino organization, and our Tuesday walking group is going strong.  We've also cheered on friends as they walked the Camino.

You are welcome to follow along, offer encouragement, and certainly let me know if you have any suggestions for making the blog more worthwhile.

The Montana Family

A typical Tuesday walk (from October)

My Love

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