Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Zubriri to Zalbadika

A wonderful short walk down the valley toward Pamplona.  The small Arga River, about the size of the South Platte as it goes through Denver, followed us - or we followed it.  Our sleep last night was typical, one cyclic snore coming from the next bunk, and even when the young ladies began with their lights at 5:30AM, it did not disturb the snorer!  So we got an early start, stopped for cafè con leche mid-morning, and arrived mid-day.  A church of about 900 years, with never a major renovation, but a modern dorm attached is our home for the eve.  We climbed the bell tower where the smaller of the two bells is said to be the oldest in the province, from about the 12th century.  A young couple, Andres and Estel, are our hosts.  Pilgrims blessing in the church later, supper at 7:30.

Also Medieval Sign?
8:00AM delivery to restaurant. No answer at door. Leave bread in window. Witnessed by us.
Horses in the morning mist.
Feeling good, but knowing longer days are ahead.

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